Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fiddle Yard Idea

I had not previously contemplated what form the hidden sidings should take. This unexpectedly became clear in a momentary daydream. The concept was tested to my satisfaction in Templot, as shown in the diagram.

Out of necessity, trains will not be very long. This design should suit the layout admirably.

There remains the question of what facility to provide at the other extreme. Inconsequential for the moment though.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

PCB Galore!

PCB sleepers and turnout timbers have been added. I placed small offcuts of PCB sheet where the track will cross the baseboard edges. PCB components were used because I am modelling typical early 20th Century light railway track with flat-bottomed rails.

Incidentally, the turnout timbers are labelled as 'turnout sleepering' on the S1-025 packet. Turnouts have timbers; only plain track has sleepers, I thought?

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Baseboard and a Track Base

Moving quickly on, the baseboard for the scenic section of the layout has been constructed. I largely used old plywood offcuts for this. Next, I printed out a scale copy of the track plan. This was stuck to 2mm MDF. I removed the surplus bits, leaving just the outline of the trackbed. I then glued this to the baseboard.

Having used odd scraps, the baseboard looks a little uncouth at the moment. All will be hidden by a facia and scenery in due course though. The important thing for the moment is that the board is flat, square and rigid.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2mm Scale Association Diamond Jubilee Layout Competition Entry

My entry for the 2mm Scale Association's Diamond Jubilee Layout Competition will be vaguely based on Wantage. This was the town terminus of the erstwhile Wantage Tramway. It neatly fits the maximum size allowed under the rules for the scenic area.

The curves on the real thing were very tight. I have come up with a reasonable approximation in Templot, using a minimum radius of around 2ft. This make it more believable for running larger locos and rolling stock than those which actually ran on the real Wantage Tramway. I have also extended the track slightly on the left, beyond the scenic area to make operation a little easier. Here is the result.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Railway Research - Useful Links

Note: These are only examples of the vast range of sources online, the tip of the iceberg. 
         No attempt is made here to recommend one source over another.

Specialist Bookshops/Publishers (Examples)

Robert Humm http://www.roberthumm.co.uk/acatalog/index.html
Bill Hudson http://www.billhudsontransportbooks.co.uk/
Crecy Publishing (Former Ian Allen/OPC etc.) http://www.crecy.co.uk/
Wild Swan http://titfield.co.uk/Wild-Swan/Subject-List.htm

Don't forget Amazon and eBay

Magazine Indexes (not necessarily up to date)

Model Railway Journal http://www.modelrailwayjournal.com/
British Railway Journal Index http://www.britishrailwayjournal.com/
Model Rail http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/ModelRail
Southern Railway (All) http://thegardnerfamily.org/magindex/contents.html
BRMNA List http://www.brmna.org/xrefs.shtml

Libraries/Public Archives

Network Rail Archives Link
National Archives http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ (see SE&CR Society list for examples of the type of documentation available here Link )
National Rail Museum Resources http://www.nrm.org.uk/researchandarchive/archiveandlibrarycollections
British Library http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?vid=BLVU1
County Archives (e.g.) Nottinghamshire Archives  Link   Derbyshire Records Office Link


Google Maps https://www.google.co.uk/maps/
National Library of Scotland (UK Maps)  http://maps.nls.uk
Old Maps (UK Maps) https://www.old-maps.co.uk
OSNI (Northern Ireland Maps - link to 25 inch series) Link
OSI (Irish Republic Historical Maps) http://maps.osi.ie


Google Search Link
Britain From Above https://britainfromabove.org.uk/
Colour Rail  http://colourrail.co.uk/
Rail Online http://www.rail-online.co.uk/
Science & Society Prints (NRM, Science Museum, MOSI etc)  http://www.ssplprints.com/
RCTS Photographic Archive http://www.rcts.org.uk/features/archive/
Picture The Past (Notts/Derbys Archive) http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/
S.W.A. Newton Collection GCR London Extension (Image Leicestershire) Link
Transport Treasury http://www.transporttreasury.co.uk/
Transports Of Delight (Photos) https://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS  
Flickr (Blandford1969 example) https://www.flickr.com/photos/29644579@N07/
DJ Norton (Mainly West Midlands Photos) http://www.photobydjnorton.com/
Am Baile (Scottish Highlands historic photos) http://www.ambaile.org.uk

Specialist Line Societies and Sites (Examples)

Historical Model Railway Society https://hmrs.org.uk/home
Southern E-Group http://www.semgonline.com/home.html
LNER Encyclopedia https://www.lner.info/ 
Great Eastern Railway Society (Including sales) https://www.gersociety.org.uk/
London & North Western Railway Society http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/
Midland Railway Study Centre (Closed for refurb) http://www.midlandrailwaystudycentre.org.uk/
Railway & Canal Historical Society (link to resources) http://www.rchs.org.uk/links-to-resources/ 
Great Northern Railway Society (link to archive details) https://www.gnrsociety.com/home-page/archive/
Colonel Stephens Society http://colonelstephenssociety.co.uk/
Cumbrian Railways Association http://www.cumbrianrailways.org.uk/

Signalling Record Society https://www.s-r-s.org.uk/home.php

Other Sites

The Signal Box  https://signalbox.org   Forum http://forum.signalbox.org
Saxby & Farmer Info (Swedish Site) http://www.ekeving.se/tlv/Saxby/index.html
Lymm Observatory (Signalling diagrams)   http://www.lymmobservatory.net/railways/sbdiagrams/sbdiagrams.htm 
Derby Signalling http://www.derby-signalling.org.uk

Stations and Structures

 Disused Stations http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/
 Station Colours site http://www.stationcolours.info/


Grace's Guide ('The Engineer' PDFs etc)  http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/

Individual Lines/Locations (random examples)

Syston & Peterborough Railway Pages http://www.systonandpeterborough.co.uk/
Great Western Archive http://www.greatwestern.org.uk
Lincolnshire Railways Gallery http://www.davesrailpics.bravehost.com/lincs/lincs.htm
Michael Clemens (GWR WTTs etc) http://www.michaelclemensrailways.co.uk/
Steve Banks (Misc prototype Info) http://www.steve-banks.org/
Warwickshire Railways http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com 


Old Railway Permanent Way http://www.oldpway.info/index.html
Ribble Valley Site (Old Bradshaw Timetables) Link 
Local History Groups

General Guidance On Research

RCHS Research Guide http://www.rchs.org.uk/research/
Railways Archive Guide http://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/research.php
Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway (Notts Research Sources) Link

Discussion Groups/Forums - Ask!

Yahoo Groups https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo  
RMweb http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?