Friday, 30 March 2018

What A Difference A Week Makes

The culmination of track laying on the scenic board is close at hand. The point blades and other minor outstanding bits shouldn't take long.

I have extended the main running rails a short way onto the fiddle yard board. This means I can soon separate the boards for a while. I can then concentrate on getting the trackwork on the scenic board operational. Further progress on the fiddle yard can wait, as there is infinitely more work to do on the scenic board before the Diamond Jubilee Layout Competition closes.

I have also finalised the shape of the baseboard for the other end of the scenic board. This will contain a hidden siding  I decided that a gentle curve would look nice, giving an appealing, rounded appearance to the front of the layout once the facia has been added. The non-scenic trackwork is required mainly to make the process of uncoupling locomotives from arriving trains a practicable proposition. It can also be used for storing wagons off-scene, for example. Plenty of space for sandwiches and coffee too.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Permanent Way

Track laying is progressing, with the first rails now soldered in place. I started with the pointy bits. I am now extrapolating outwards.

Progress has been slow. The longer days open up the opportunity for a greater variety of alternative pastimes.