Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Where Did April Go?

April was a relatively uneventful month from a railway modelling perspective. Holidays and a debilitating sore throat/cough/cold put paid to much progress on 'Burghmire', my model railway layout loosely based on Wantage.

I did manage to install the point blades and remaining check rails. This means that all the rail on the scenic board is now laid. I shall next fit the tie bars and point operating mechanisms. Then, I can engage in some thorough testing with rolling stock and make minor adjustments if necessary.

There is, I humbly admit, a dodge in the construction of the 3-way tandem turnout. The offending route is more or less dead straight and serves the loco shed. .I was concerned about the practicability of repairing one of the point blades, should it ever become detached from the tie bar, post-construction. The space to insert a soldering iron would be very tight. This persuaded me to try a design with only one moving point blade. I had previously seen someone very successfully experiment with this concept in P4. I felt it would not be excessively adventurous in this particular application, despite the relatively more generous flange gaps (to scale) in 2mm Finescale. In fact, first impressions suggest that the modified turnout will function very satisfactorily, much to my relief. Only a valid solution on tramways and fictitious minor railways though!

A couple of check rails still had to be added when the photos were taken, but these are now in place.