Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Third Baseboard

I was doing a bit of DIY for the house last month, so decided to construct the third and final baseboard for Burghmire at the same time. Only one lot of mess to clear up, that way. It took me a couple of weeks to get around to photographing it, but here it is.

The curved front is intended to minimise the visual impact. With such a small scenic board, I don't want the off-scene bits to dominate the overall layout too much.

Construction is very simple. The top was cut to shape using the Templot layout plan as a guide. The curved piece of plywood at the front and flat plywood pieces for the back and end are held in place with offcuts of softwood, all screwed and glued together. The baseboard came together very well. It is very strong and light.

I shall build the track with 2mm Scale Association Easitrac components, for a change. Nice and easy to do for a piece of plain track.

As with the other two boards, I shall add a fascia in due course to try and hide the crudity of my baseboard engineering from public view!