Wednesday, 14 November 2018

I'm Back!

It's been too long! I took over responsibility for restoring a 4mm scale layout over the Summer. It proved more challenging than I had expected, so I have been spending all my modelling time working on that for the last few months. It is time to get back to Burghmire!

I decided to start with a quick win - installing the right hand fiddle siding - just a short section of Easitrac. I had a length of track already made up with the concrete sleeper bases, so used that. Easitrac glue was used for the most part to secure it in place. I am using PCB strip under the rails where the track crosses the baseboard joint, so a bit of soldering was necessary too.Around 5 minutes work at most. Still, it's a start!

Next, I plan to get the tiebars on the pointwork working. I had problems thinking how best to actuate them. Such small baseboards are very light. Using my original slide switches, the baseboards actually moved slightly when I tried switching the points! I have now found some that are much easier to slide back and forth. I shall try one and if successful, do all the others with the same type. If that idea is not satisfactory, I may have to resort to point motors.