Monday, 23 September 2019

Fiddle Yard Wiring

The fiddle yard was wired up this evening and the first loco ran. Before this, I stole some rail from another layout to complete the track laying.

I am wiring for DCC. With such a small and intricate layout, it seems the sensible choice to me. Sectioning the track for DC control would cause great inflexibility.

Here is the underside of the non-moving part of the yard. It still needs tidying up. I used 2 bus wires and connected all local track feeds to these. Two wires only go to the sector plate. These are connected to individual track feeds under the sector plate itself. The green wire is for the frog on the turnout. This won't be connected to anything until the point operating mechanism is installed.

I forgot to take a photo of the underside of the sector plate before I fixed it back on the baseboard. However, this is the top view of the complete board.

Finally, the first loco running on the baseboard, under DC. Sorry, but the quality isn't great.

The loco found a few stray lumps of solder that need cleaning off the rails, by the looks of things. I also need to do a few other very minor adjustments before I am completely happy with the running. It was getting late though, so I decided to let things be until another time. This loco does wobble a bit at speed, which may account for some of the rough riding.

Next step is probably to install the point operating mechanism. Then, I shall do the wiring process etc on the main baseboard.

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