Monday, 21 October 2019

More Wiring

The scenic board wiring is now more or less finished, all to my usual untidy but logical standards.

As with the fiddle yard, the orange wires are soldered to the turnout frogs and will be connected to the point switches in due course.

Because the layout is likely to be laid out on a table or bench for operating sessions, I am making the wiring connections between the baseboards easily accessible. For the track power feeds I am using Phono sockets and leads, mounted as this photo.

The scenic board has 3 such sockets - one at each end for connections to adjacent baseboards via jump leads, and a central one for plugging in the controller.

Using these sockets I can plug a controller into any single board for test purposes. I can also isolate a board easily when the layout is up and running, to help find short circuits.

I have adapted my DCC controller so that it can be plugged into any one of these sockets. I can also plug in a DC controller (though not at he same time, of course). DC can be used for testing the layout and test running locos before I fit decoders. DCC will be used to test locos with decoders fitted, or for when the layout is in operation.

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