Sunday, 7 June 2020

More on the Turntable

The turntable installation is now more or less finished on Burghmire. I added the approach road. I also managed to slow the turntable rotation quite a bit by running it off one battery instead of two. I shall try fitting a resistor, at the suggestion of a colleague, to slow it down even further. I still need to fit a buffer stop. That can wait until I have a better idea of the stock I plan to run, as overhangs can vary.

Getting everything level was a challenge. The shelf the turntable sits on slopes away from the main baseboard and is set at a lower level. Also, the rail height on the turntable is much deeper than the code 40 that I have used for the rest of the layout. Fortunately, everything seems to have worked out well.

The turntable is really for the long term. Not for locomotives, but for some very 'interesting' railcars I hope to model in the far future. Not the usual candidates either. I think that with a tiny layout like this, the stock is proportionally far more noticeable and important than on a large layout. Running unusual and interesting stock should add a lot to the interest and the atmosphere.

If ever the real Wantage had a turntable, it would probably have had to be off scene, like mine. Where it is located, it can be used if stock needs turning at Burghmire and at the far destination too. One turntable for two completely different places.

Here is a better view of the baseboard as a whole, viewing from the operating side. I still need to make a simple locking mechanism for the sector plate. I must also add a fascia to the 'public' side of the board - but probably only towards the end of the project. Otherwise, this board is now more or less complete.

Here is a photo with it attached to the scenic board, viewed again from the operating side. The scenic board is about to get the same kind of treatment as recently applied to the fiddle yard board - i.e. fitting the point operating switches and fitting a shelf to tidy up the appearance. This board will also need a few uncoupling magnets. The layout will then be fully operational.

Thought is also going into the scenery for the layout. The general layout of the railway buildings will be inspired by Wantage. Unfortunately, the real scenery around the tramway station there doesn't work very well in such a limited space. I need everything to be far more crowded and full of detail to make the layout atmospheric and interesting to view. I will also strive for a different architectural style to leave observers in no doubt that Burghmire is somewhere totally different to Wantage.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Fiddle Yard Progress

I decided to fit the shelf to the fiddle yard board as my next step. Best to experiment here first before doing the same on the main board. I am generally pleased with the result. As expected, it considerably tidies up the appearance at the back of the baseboard.

I managed to conceal the operating wire for the point mechanism too. The cover is experimental - I shall do a proper job when I do the ones for the main board, in due course.

The turntable was something of an afterthought. I bought a kit a short time ago, but couldn't think where best to put it. The wide space on the new shelf is an obvious site, on reflection. The turntable revolves a bit too quickly to operate with any precision at the moment. I shall have to work out a way of slowing it down. The mounting spacers etc will be tidied up once the glue has fully set.