Monday, 14 September 2020

On A Roll

 I am suddenly in the mood for modelling again! More wiring has been done, including board 3 and the uncoupling magnets on board 2.

The 3rd board (non-scenic) has just one track and no accessories, so the wiring is very simple. Here is a view from the operating side...

...and underneath

I added a 6-pin socket to maintain consistency with the other boards. Technically, none are required at the moment, but it provides a bit of future-proofing.

Here is a view of the underside of the main board. A problem with a very small baseboard is finding enough space for all the wiring, which in my case is necessarily little less than would be required for a far larger baseboard. Again, the 6-pin socket wiring (hanging loose in the photo) is largely superfluous at the moment - just one wire in use connecting a point frog on the man board with the switch controlling the point blades which is on the main fiddle yard board.

I shall tidy up the wiring a little bit, which shouldn't take too long. The only problem found so far is intermittent connectivity on one of the turntable rails. I shall need to look into that. Otherwise, everything is working as expected, which is quite a relief.

I am more or less ready to begin the scenery. The track layout is inspired by Wantage, but the station surroundings there are not ideal. I plan to site railway buildings similar to those at Wantage in their real places. The rest though will have to be substantially different, to create some kind of atmosphere. More on that another time.

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