Friday, 26 February 2021

Developing The Plot

 Development of the right hand corner of my Burghmire diorama continues in a very tentative, touchy-feely kind of way. Covid travel restrictions make it impossible to visit Burghmire - except of course in my imagination. Unfortunately, I am having problems with the PC that my image processing software runs on, so the images below are straight from the camera. Hopefully they do give a reasonable representation of what has been achieved so far.

I am trying to model the old part of town, enclosed by what is left of the old town wall. A slum clearance scheme allowed the tramway to encroach on this space, but some of the old buildings remain. All of the buildings so far are made from kits, but are slowly being modified - often quite drastically -  to create the kind of atmosphere I yearn for.

 In the first image, you see the two latest additions. On the left, the dark brown building is made from parts of a Knightwing church kit, which has some nicely moulded medieval windows. I have only just started putting this together, so there is much yet to be done. There will, for example be a stone base and a few stone buttresses to make the exterior more interesting. The half-timbered building on the right is a kit I bought on eBay, ready-made. I think it is perfect for the location. Both buildings have been raised up above baseboard level, as I want the ground surfaces to slope down towards the camera and to the right. The narrow alley to the right of the half-timbered building already has stone steps installed leading up to higher ground. Nothing is fixed in place yet, so I can still make minor adjustments to angles and heights. I shall probably lower both buildings very slightly, as they I think they sit a bit high at the moment. I shall make an impression of an underpass to link the arch in the background with the imaginary lower town behind the camera. This would maintain the right of way otherwise destroyed when the tramway was built.

The second image shows the loco shed and (to its left) the red brick goods shed. The goods shed bears very little resemblence to the kit it was made from. The loco shed will require lots of interior detail. The town wall will extend towards the camera in largely fallen-down form. I shall have to scratchbuild most of this. I shall probably use embossed stone outer faces, with broken-off expanded polystyrene to represent the inner rubble filling.

The third photo shows the face of the short, low station platform in the foreground. The buildings behind are all set at slightly different angles, so that the gaps between them taper from the front to the back. This exaggerates the distance to the back of the layout.

For the next photo, I have added the overall roof of the station, temporarily supported to give an impression of its final height. It gives a better view of the heavy modifications made to the archway building in the background.

And finally, a satellite image showing the scene. The dome on the tower in the background is because the structure is now a domestic dwelling, having long forsaken any defensive capability. As with all the other buildings, the kit has been modified - this time with windows, an extra door and a different staircase to that provided in the kit.

 Although progress is very slow, I am really enjoying making these buildings. My brain seems to work far better adapting existing kits than starting everything from scratch. I am beginning to regret putting so much track down, as otherwise I would have room for far more buildings šŸ˜‰

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